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let's golf!

Gameloft's Third Installment Of Let's Golf! Is Finally Here And We Like What We See

AppAdvice got a sneak peak at the new Gameloft release Let's Golf 3 and it's the best one yet.

Best Of E3: Let's Golf 3

Gameloft is readying the third release of its popular Let’s Golf! series. The game, which should arrive to the App Store soon, will be available for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad as separate. Best of all, this version will be free.

Review: Real Golf 2011 - We'll See Where This One Lands

Gameloft's foray into Real Golf was just released today. We know they make arcade golf with the Let's Golf series, but what about their first realistic golf game? Read on to find out.

Apple Relaunches iOS Gaming Site

Apple recently unveiled a brand new iOS gaming site. The site was revised to coincide with the launch of the fourth generation iPod this week. You can find lots of goodies there. Read More...

Review: Let's Golf 2 - Time For Another Round?

The arcade golfing game from Gameloft Let's Golf just had a sequel released. Now play on six different courses across the globe including Kenya and Greenland. Read on to find out how it compares to the original, and if it's worth $4.99.

Hit The Fairway Again With Let's Golf! 2, Now Available In The App Store

Let's Golf! 2 has just been released, and is available to download now in the App Store. However, there are a couple of things this highly anticipated sequel is missing. Read on to find out more...

Saturday is "Appsgiving Day!"

Saturday is the 2nd birthday of the App Store. Celebrate "Appsgiving Day" by gifting an app to someone you love!

QuickAdvice: Soosiz HD & Let's Golf HD

Soosiz and Let's Golf get the HD treatment. Are they more than just upscaled graphics versions of their iPhone counterparts? Should you buy them if you only own an iPad, or already own the iPhone version? Read on to find out.