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Letterpress Meets Simon Says In A New Memory Game Called Box Trot

This modern memory game is quite simple, yet challenging at the same time.

Get Ready To Drop Words Like They're Hot In Wordrop

This new word game will have you rushing to form words before it's too late.

Letterpress Creator Loren Brichter Profiled By WSJ As 'High Priest Of App Design'

App developer extraordinaire Loren Brichter has just become the subject of an interesting profile in The Wall Street Journal.

Monday App Updates: Great Apps That Just Got Better For March 11

Each Monday, AppAdvice presents some recently updated apps worth checking out. This week’s list features a letter game, Doc Brown, two great calendar apps, and more.

New Letterpress Update Lets You Remember Words For Later

Letterpress, the popular "war of words" iOS game created by Loren Brichter of atebits, has just received another notable update.

Shake-To-Shuffle And Other Improvements Now On Tap In Letterpress

As though in celebration of the game's three-month anniversary, Loren Brichter aka ate bits' Letterpress has been updated for the third time.

Five Must-Have iOS-Only Apple Newsstand Magazines For 2013

Some of the best magazine titles are only available on iOS devices. Here are five of the best.

Let Others Know Of Your Word-Building Prowess With Letterpress' Replay Sharing

Letterpress, the wonderfully designed iOS word-building game created by Tweetie developer Loren Brichter, has just received its second update.

Spellwood Brings A Magical Twist To The Word Game

Word games are all the rage these days in the App Store, and SEGA is looking to join in the fun with the introduction of Spellwood.

In A Word, Letterpress' First Ever Update Is Awesome

Letterpress, the iOS game that became an instant hit after its release three weeks ago, has just received its first ever update.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For November 2, 2012

It's been quite a week for games, but this week we're getting wordy with some fantastic picks.

Wear Your Love For The Newest iOS Word Game Craze With These Letterpress T-Shirts

Atebits is letting us Letterpress junkies play the game "in uniform" with a brand new pair of Letterpress shirts.

New Tumblr Blog Points Out Words Missing From The Letterpress Dictionary

Want words added to Letterpress? You're not alone!

Are You Experiencing iPhone 5 Battery Issues Too?

Are you experiencing battery issues with your iPhone 5? If so, you may not be alone.