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AppGuide Updated: Book Apps For iPad

With the addition of the OverDrive Media Console to the App Store (and a request from one of our readers), we felt this AppGuide was due for an update. And of course, with the arrival of the iPad 2 and all the new iPad owners out there, more and more people are reading books on the iPad. Luckily there are many wonderful options for reading on the iPad. Actually, most of these apps are universal, so if you have an iPhone or iPod touch (in addition to or instead of an iPad) and you like to read, you will definitely find this AppGuide useful.

QuickAdvice: Read Popular Contemporary Books For Free On Your iDevice With OverDrive Media Console

You've got yourself a shiny new iPad or iPhone. So, how can you download and read popular, contemporary books for free? The answer is OverDrive Media Console.

Why you'll ask Apple for MORE DRM on ebooks

If the presence of DRM would allow you to legally get NYT bestsellers for free or read them for only $0.99, wouldn't you supprt that? The fact that Apple is using FairPlay to protect eBooks may make that possible.