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Track your current and future favorite spots with Placeboard

Easily organize and keep track of your favorite spots and future places to visit with this sleek app.

Get Away and unwind to peaceful nature sounds

The latest app from Taptanium takes you Away from reality and into a beautiful, lush forest.

Day One 2 brings an even more streamlined journaling experience

Day One 2 is everyone's favorite journaling app rebuilt from the ground-up.

Keep track of your emotional rollercoasters with Moodnotes

Track your feelings and get insights on how to improve your happiness and well-being with this slick new app.

Get into shape with your iPad and these apps

Take command of your workout with the apps in this AppGuide.

Give thanks and prioritize your Wants and Needs with this beautiful app

Wants and Needs is an app that will help you prioritize your life and be more thankful.

Catalog all of your favorite craft beers and discover new ones with TapCellar

TapCellar is a powerful app that every beer nerd should check out.

Wildcard is a refreshing new way to browse the mobile Web

There's always something to discover on the Internet with Wildcard.

Find delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes and more with these iOS apps

Learn how to become an animal-friendly vegan or vegetarian.

Keep track of your favorite brews with BeerTab

Keeping tabs on your favorite beers has never been easier.

Carry the ambient sound of a fan in your pocket with Sleepy Fan

Fall asleep to the sound of fans anytime with Sleepy Fan.

Share Stories And Useful Information With Others Through Lists In Listicle

Listicle is a slick app that makes it easy to browse and make your own useful lists.

Create Your Own White Noise With The Freedom Of Noisli

If other white noise apps didn't quite fit your preferences, you can now customize your own sounds with Noisli.

WellSpent Combines Simplicity And Utility With Budgeting

Is this simple and beautiful budgeting app worth your money?

Connect With The Stories That Matter With Medium For iPhone

Love to read stuff on Medium? Now it's easier than ever to get your Medium fill on-the-go, thanks to the new iPhone app.

Learn Something New About The Area Around You With Findery: Social Local Discovery

With Findery, you can discover the personal or historical significance of local spots that you would not have known otherwise.

Tell Others About Your Life Adventures And Get Inspired In Epiclist

There's a lot going on in the world, and everyone wants to see it all. You can get a taste of inspiration through others thanks to this slick app.

Properly Wake Up Based On The Weather With WakeApp Weather

Change how you wake up each day by setting conditions for your alarms to go off with this app.

Analyze Your Decisions With The Feels App

This app will analyze and assess your feelings about key factors to help guide you to the right choice when making important decisions.

Get Moving With Nike+ Move For Your iPhone 5s

Nike+ Move is now available in the App Store for the iPhone 5s. Is it worth a download? Let's find out.

Feed Your Vegan Side With Tasty Recipes From The Gorgeous Veggie Weekend

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, you'll enjoy having this gorgeous app around next time you want to try cooking something new and different.

Make Your Own Cookbooks And Share Them With The World With Cook

Share your creative talent in the kitchen with the world in this gorgeous new app.

Relive Your Memories Digitally Through Memoir

Relive your best memories with others through Memoir, a beautiful new way to store your moments.

Clear Is Now A New Universal App, With New Features On iPad

Been wanting Clear for iPad? Rejoice, as it's finally here!