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Put Your iDevice Clipboard To Work With CloudClipboard

Have you been in need of an app to transfer your clipboard content over to another device without the fuss? CloudClipboard may be just what you need.

View, Edit And Manage Your Google Docs With Ease With The Newly Improved GoDocs

Already a robust productivity app, GoDocs has once again been updated with even more improvements.

GoDocs For Google Docs Gives Public Sharing And Other Features A Go

Recognized multiple times by Apple as an excellent productivity app, GoDocs for Google Docs, Google Drive has recently received an update that further boosts its already impressive functionality.

GoDocs For Google Docs Updated With Retina iPad Graphics, Google Drive Support And More

The universal GoDocs has been updated with a number of new features.

TalkRoom For iPhone - A Minimal, Beautiful, And Fast Instant Messaging App For iPhone

Are you still an avid user of instant messenger services like me? Then take a look at this simple and beautiful new IM app for your iPhone.