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lightning cable

PlusUs will change the way you charge your iOS devices

Two cool new USB cables, Lifestar and Lifelink, might make you ditch your Apple cord.

No redesigned power adapter or reversible Lightning cable on Apple's 'iPhone 6,' says analyst

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't expect Apple to change the power adapter or Lightning cable on the "iPhone 6."

The AppAdvice week in review: 5 questions about Apple's new products

Is the "iPhone 6" still going to be announced next month? How about a new Apple TV? We attempt to answer these questions and more in our week in review.

Check out the 'iPhone 6' Lightning cable's reversible USB connector in this video

See the rumored "iPhone 6" Lightning cable featuring a reversible USB connector in action.

More evidence emerges that the 'iPhone 6' Lightning cable will offer a reversible USB plug

If the rumor is correct, the cable could be inserted into a computer or other device no matter its orientation.

Leaked images suggest the 'iPhone 6' Lightning cable features a reversible USB connector

Apple could also include the cable with the upcoming iPad Air 2 and third-generation iPad mini.

Cheap, Unauthorized Cables Are Damaging The iPhone 5's Logic Board

Knock-off Lightning chargers are the reason behind a serious iPhone 5 fault, according to one repair firm.

Cydia Tweak: Enable Compatibility With Unauthorized Lightning Cables

This jailbreak tweak could help fix your unauthorized Lightning cable woes.

Apple's iOS 7 Could Render Your Non-Certified Lightning Charger Unusable

Could Apple's iOS 7 be the reason why your non-certified Lightning cable is no longer working?

JUICES+ Adds A Golden Funding Goal In Celebration Of The iPhone 5s

JUICES+ is offering iDevice users a golden charging cable provided its Kickstarter project gains $120,000 in funding.

JUICES+ Offers iDevice Owners Tangle-Free, Woven Cables

JUICES+ is a new Kickstarter project that Lightning-equipped iDevice owners may be interested in.

The 3-Inch Nomad Lightning Cable Is Now Available To Ship

The cable is licensed by Apple under the Made for iPhone program.

Apple's iOS 7 Doesn't Block Non-Certified Lightning Cables, Just Warns

Apple is allowing iDevice owners to use non-certified Lightning cables with iOS 7, but is nevertheless offering a friendly warning.

The Trunk From iLoveHandles Is A Flexible Lightning Cable

The short cable is strong enough to hold up an iPhone vertically while wall charging.

Before You Buy The Belkin Car Charger With Lightning Connector, You'll Want To Read This

If you’ve been waiting for a good car charger for your iPhone 5, Belkin finally has a solution.

Light It Up With Your Sync Cable

Looking to get an extra Lightning to USB cable? What about one that lights up?