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Slash Your Way Through A Galaxy Far, Far Away With Brisksaber

Brisksaber is a universal slashing game that is a combination of blatant product placements and adorable Star Wars fun. It is essentially Fruit Ninja with a Star Wars theme. What’s not to love?

New AppGuide: Lightsaber Apps For The iPhone

Lightsaber apps have been a big hit on the iPhone ever since the App Store launched. There are tons of them available. Some of these are official ones and some are non-licensed ones. We compare the best ones out there in this AppGuide.

New AppGuide: Star Wars Games For The iPhone

Many people love a good Star Wars game. The iPhone has several options. There are games for those that like to dogfight in X-Wings and those that like a lightsaber battle. We take a look at the best Star Wars games out there in this AppGuide.

Star Wars - 2 Player Lightsaber Duels on iPhone

If you have played Lightsaber Unleashed, progressed from padawan to Jedi Master and thought it couldn't get much better, then say hello to Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel.