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limbic software

Limbic Software's Tower Madness 2 is Apple's free App of the Week

Tower Madness 2 has gone free for the first time as Apple's App of the Week.

Leave A Fiery Trail Of Destruction Behind In Limbic Software's Zombie Gunship Arcade For iOS

Flappy games may have become tiresome, but Limbic Software's April Fool's joke-turned-reality brings it back with lots of explosions and zombies.

April Fools' Joke Becomes A Reality As Zombie Gunship Arcade Launches On iOS

Zombie Gunship Arcade blasts onto the App Store.

Limbic Software Unleashes TowerMadness 2 With New Weapons, Enemies And More

The acclaimed 3-D tower defense strategy gaming madness continues with TowerMadness 2.

Today Is Z-Day For iOS Action Shooter Zombie Gunship

If you aim hard and shoot harder, Zombie Gunship's new mode should help you survive the game's zombie apocalypse with little to no trouble.

Limbic Spruces Up Their Endless Climbing Game With Challenges, Stats, And More

Today's release of Nuts v1.6 adds new challenges for the two adorable squirrels, posts their progress, and provides some "Spring cleaning."

Limbic Integrates iCloud Syncing, Plus Adds More Coins To Their Endless Climbing Game, Nuts

Nuts has received another big update today. In response to user requests, Nuts v1.5 includes iCloud support, more coins, more fireballs, and a new game option.

Zombie Gunship Is Free For A Limited Time

Zombie gunship is free for a limited time! Don’t miss your chance to grab this great shooting game.

Go Nuts On Your iPad With The Universal Version Of Limbic's Endless Climbing Game

Limbic Software officially invites their lovable tree climber to the iPad through a universal iOS app.

Shoot From The Air And Bomb Zombies In This Call Of Duty-Like Shooter, Zombie Gunship

Another day, another zombie apocalypse. Time to hop in the AC-130 and kill some zombies, guys. Let's do this.

Get Ready To Go Nuts Over Limbic Software's Latest Endless Climbing Game

Limbic Software, the creators of the hit tower defense game TowerMadness, are excited about today's release of their latest game, Nuts!

TowerMadness HD Arrives In The App Store

It's time to protect your sheep at all costs! TowerMadness HD for iPad has arrived in the App Store.

TowerMadness HD For iPad Coming Soon - Screenshots And Video Included

Limbic Software's TowerMadness HD is shaping up to be a killer tower defense game for your iPad. We have some juicy details, screenshots, and a gameplay video to show you so you can get just as excited as we are.