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lisa caplan

Kids Can Create A Magical Multitude of Multi-Colored Masterpieces With MosaicHD

MosaicHD is more toy than app, and a must-have edu-app for parents looking for smart, guilt-free screen-time for their little learners. It is the rare educational app that encourages patience along with learning and will engage every member of your family.

Talking 3D Lab Mat: A Monstrously Fun App

Talking 3D Lab Mat takes the whole "talking-back" app genre to a new level with real time 3D animation, morphing and voice changing. If you have a kid, or a funny bone you will find it monstrously good fun.

Klimt Calendar HD: Can Art Make You More Productive?

Gustav Klimt once said, “All art is erotic.” If he was referring to his own symbolistic style it’s certainly true more often than not. Klimt Calendar HD ambitiously tries to blend the fine arts and productivity, but does it work?

Take A Round-The-World Odyssey With: 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic

What an incredible new way to see the world. The finest people, places, culture, nature and science photographs brought together for iPad as only The National Geographic Society can.

Surreal Slideshow With Salvador; Dali: The Atherly Collection

If you are a Salvador Dali fan, or just want to see some of the world's best surreal paintings on your iPad; Dali: The Atherly Collection, may be for you.

Take An Underwater Journey Through A Classic Tale: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid - Auryn manages to achieve an elusive balance in interactive children's books; using technology to maximize the user experience, while still allowing room for the content and art to speak for themselves.

Wunderlist HD: The Swiss Army Knife Of iPad GTD Apps

Find yourself writing notes on every scrap of paper or e-mailing yourself a bunch of reminders? If you do, Wunderlist HD is an ideal task management app for you. This app is stable, well thought out, user-friendly, and is a great way to manage any to-do list or hectic schedule for free.

Busy Schedule? Commuting In Traffic? Never Be Late Again With OnTime For iPhone

OnTime lets you keep track of all your appointments and to-do’s, but with great twist; it tells you when to leave for your next event based on where you are at any given time. It’s a must-have time management app.