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Future iOS Devices Might Automatically Adjust User Settings Based On Location

The new technology is detailed in a recently published Apple patent filing.

In iOS 8, Users Also Get Prompted When Apps Continue Monitoring Their Location

Apple is giving users more control over location access in iOS 8.

AppAdvice Daily: Easily Share Your Location With These Apps

Learn how to easily share your location using Maps, Find My Friends, or Glympse on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Gain A Sense Of Community Within Your Geographical Bubble Using Circle

Circle provides the best way to connect with those around you, with its uniqueness and ease of use making it a popular choice.

Lawsuit Concerning iOS Location Tracking Thrown Out Of San Jose Court

Apple has fended off a lawsuit concerning location tracking in its iOS.

Product Review: Find My Car Smarter

We were able to get our hands on a Find My Car Smarter device to test it out. Here's what we think!

New AppList: Utilities You Need

Discover how useful your iPhone or iPod touch can be.

Localscope v2.0: Your World Is Completely Reimagined In New Update - Plus A Chance To Win!

Localscope version two is here and we love what we see. Cynapse has completely revamped your GPS experience in this location app. We also have some copies to give away!

Win A Promo Code For My 20

Send your friends your exact location in seconds.

GPS Punch! - Track Your Pesky, Lazy Employees With This Free App

GPS Punch! is a new iPhone app that allows employers to track their business-trip-attending employees via GPS.

Everplaces: The World According To You

Everplaces is a gorgeous location tool that allows you to make your own map of the world with places you love.

Localscope Is Half Off From Now Until Cyber Monday

Localscope is a great GPS tool and location app for the iPhone. It's only $0.99 for a limited time, so get it now!

Here's How You Can Configure Location Reminders In The Reminders App

Here's how you can set up location-aware reminders in iOS 5.

Discover New Things And Organize Your Social Life With

This social app will get you connected, and keep you going, no matter where you are or what you're looking for.

Hey! Come Check Out This Spot!

This Spot is part weather app, part geo-location with a simple purpose and neat design.

Apple Job Listing Cites "Exciting New Features" For Location Services

In a recent job listing, Apple notes that the company is in the process of developing "exciting new features" for location services within the iOS.

BitFlx: Real-Time Location-Aware Video Sharing

We've all been there: You're out on the street, something amazing happens, and you want to share it. Sure, recording a video and posting it to YouTube, and then sharing the URL around friends and family does the trick, but it's hardly exciting, riveting and captivating - mainly, because the experience isn't live. While there are applications for "citizen journalists," which allow users to broadcast live from an iPhone, these apps don't concentrate much on the social aspect of live broadcasts. Fortunately, one new app does.

Foursquare Has 10,000,000 Users, App Gets An Update

The popular check-in service, foursquare, recently announced that it has acquired 10,000,000 users. In celebration, the service updated its iPhone application.

The Weather App Gets Smart In iOS 5

In iOS 5, the built-in Weather app is location aware.

Locational Gives You All The Details

Walk, run, drive with accurate GPS information. Quickly and easily share your location and find out exact coordinates and address in emergencies.

OpenPaths: Save Your Location Data In The Cloud & Donate It To Research

OpenPaths ( is an online service that allows iOS device owners to upload their location data to "the cloud," and even donate the data to research.

Apple Hints At Upcoming Turn-By-Turn Feature In Today's Press Release?

Apple may have hinted at an upcoming turn-by-turn and traffic feature – which is rumored to be built into a future version of the iOS – in a press release that hit the Web earlier today.

Apple Responds To Locationgate With FAQ - Here Are All The Details

Moments ago, Apple uploaded a press release to its website answering some common questions on location data storage.

Use This Website To Access Your Stored Location Data, Then See How You Feel

The "locationgate" saga has been going on for a while now, and the news of Apple's Orwellian desire has even made its way into the hands of the mainstream press - at least over here, in the UK. If you've been looking for a way to safely access the location data on your iOS device since hearing the news, read on - because we have an awesome link for you.