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Is Big Brother Small Enough To Fit In Your iDevice?

According to AppleInsider, Apple won a patent that will open up geotagging every single event that occurs on an iDevice.

US Senator Calls For Apple, Google Investigation Over Privacy

Days after it was reported that iOS app developers can copy and upload a users’ photo library automatically and without their consent, a US senator is calling for an investigation. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Apple and Google over potential privacy issues, according to Reuters.

iWake With AppAdvice SE: Year In Review (2011)

Good morning! Today's special edition iWake is now available. Today's episode reviews what happened this year. It's been a huge year for Apple. Have a listen ...

Google Could Be Using Your iPhone's Location (And Your Personal Information Too)

Google does a great job of finding local addresses. However, they could have gotten a lot of help from you.

OpenPaths: Save Your Location Data In The Cloud & Donate It To Research

OpenPaths ( is an online service that allows iOS device owners to upload their location data to "the cloud," and even donate the data to research.

Franken Hearing On Privacy Begins (Updated)

As expected, U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) has convened his hearing, “Protecting Mobile Privacy: Your Smartphones, Tablets, Cell Phones and Your Privacy.” The event, being held in Washington, D.C., was initiated by the now-resolved “locationgate” situation.

Naked Women, A Death, And An iPhone 4G, Made News During The Week That Was

Playboy, Angry Birds, and MobileMe made some news this week. But, what were the other stories? Find out here.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.3 To The World - Stops Your iDevice From Constantly Tracking You

Way ahead of the rumored release two weeks from now, Apple has just released a new version of iOS worldwide.

Humor: Thank Steve Jobs For Bin Laden's Capture

Osama bin Laden is dead and there continues to be worldwide reaction to this huge news story. Naturally, many are taking the humorous spin that the 9/11 terror mastermind was captured because of Apple’s recently uncovered location tracking system. This includes one enterprising comic who put her thoughts in cartoon format.

Apple Set To Release iOS 4.3.3

Apple is wasting no time in getting the so-called "locationgate" problem behind them. According to BGR, the company is set to release iOS 4.3.3, which addresses concerns many have regarding Apple’s so-called tracking file, the “consolidate.db”.

The White iPhone, iCloud Rumors, And A 1994 Tablet Prediction Made News In Week That Was

The white iPhone debuted and quickly began selling out, while investors became concerned about future iPad 2 sales. But, don’t tell that to those in Japan, who loved the second-generation iDevice. Meanwhile, Apple provided its mea culpa on the “locationgate” issue, but will that be enough for the whole affair to die? Not if Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) has anything to say about it. These stories and more made news during the last week.

Apple & Google Head To Washington To Address "Locationgate"

Today, U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn), confirmed representatives from Apple and Google will attend a hearing on mobile technology and privacy. This hearing, scheduled for May 10 in Washington, D.C., will address the ongoing “locationgate” saga.

AppAdvice Live! #11 - Tonight - 5 P.M. PDT

AppAdvice Live! is starting at 5 P.M. PDT/8 P.M. EDT on Be a part of the fun tonight.

Apple Explains, Debunks "Locationgate"

Ina Fried talks with Apple execs and gets to the bottom of Locationgate once and for all.

Apple Hints At Upcoming Turn-By-Turn Feature In Today's Press Release?

Apple may have hinted at an upcoming turn-by-turn and traffic feature – which is rumored to be built into a future version of the iOS – in a press release that hit the Web earlier today.

Apple Responds To Locationgate With FAQ - Here Are All The Details

Moments ago, Apple uploaded a press release to its website answering some common questions on location data storage.

Use This Website To Access Your Stored Location Data, Then See How You Feel

The "locationgate" saga has been going on for a while now, and the news of Apple's Orwellian desire has even made its way into the hands of the mainstream press - at least over here, in the UK. If you've been looking for a way to safely access the location data on your iOS device since hearing the news, read on - because we have an awesome link for you.

Apple Patent Suggests Steve Really Is A Stalker At Heart

A recently uncovered patent application suggests that Apple has indeed been intentionally tracking its customers' location, and that the data acquired is to be used by both Apple and various other companies.

The “Locationgate” Saga Moves To Washington, D.C.

The ongoing “locationgate” saga will now head to Washington, D.C. Minnesota Senator Al Franken (D-Minn) has summoned representatives from Apple and Google to appear before a Senate judiciary hearing on mobile privacy on May 10.

Steve Jobs On "Locationgate": Move On, "We Don't Track Anyone"

Steve Jobs has made his first public comments on the growing “Locationgate” controversy. The Apple CEO recently responded to an email from an iDevice user. However, Jobs’ comments probably won’t calm privacy experts.

Apple Locationgate: Big Brother Or Oh, Bother?

Apple "Locationgate" may be intentional or may be a bug. Either way, does something like this even matter anymore?