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lock screen

Cydia tweak: Give the iOS Lock screen a new look with xNotiLockColor

This new jailbreak tweak allows iOS device owners to spice up the iOS Lock screen.

Cydia Tweak: LockScreen Invert Offers A New Take On The iOS Lock Screen

LockScreen Invert is a new, smart Lock screen replacement that jailbreakers will love.

Hidden iOS 8 Settings Reveal Control Center And Lock Screen Customization Options

With the release of iOS 8 this fall, users may be given more control as to which settings and shortcuts are included in Control Center.

Apple’s iOS 8 Provides Quick Location-Based Access To Apps From The Lock Screen

The feature isn’t confined to major retail stores.

TodayLock Jailbreak Tweak Brings Weather, Calendar To The iOS Lock Screen

Looking to revamp the iOS Lock screen? Consider downloading TodayLock, a recently released jailbreak tweak.

Cydia Tweak: Convergance Promises An All-In-One Lock Screen Replacement

Convergance for iPhone can give the iOS Lock screen a boost.

Cydia Tweak: The Popular IntelliScreenX Is Set To Launch For iOS 7 Next Week

IntelliScreenX is heading to our iOS 7-powered devices.

Cydia Tweak: RocketLauncher Can Add A Powerful App Launcher To Your Lock Screen

This upcoming jailbreak tweak looks like it'll be a useful addition to the Cydia Store.

Cydia Tweak: AutoOK7 Brings A Better Complex Password Solution To iOS 7

Unlocking an iOS 7 device using a complex password has just got easier thanks to one new jailbreak tweak.

Cydia Tweak: Replace Your Lock Screen With The Weather App Using Forecast

Forecast can bring detailed weather information to your iOS Lock screen.

Cydia Tweak: SubtleLock Can Give Your iOS 7 Lock Screen A More Elegant Look

SubtleLock (iOS 7) can give your iDevice even more of a minimalistic Lock screen.

Another Lock Screen Bypass Bug Found In iOS 7.0.2

The new method could possibly give a third party access to the Phone app.

New iOS 7 Security Flaw Lets You Bypass An iPhone's Passcode To Make Calls

Already, just a couple of days after the first security bug on iOS 7 was discovered, here comes the second one.

Cydia Tweak: BuddyLock Offers Users A Redesigned Lock Screen For iOS

BuddyLock offers jailbreakers an interesting Lock screen alternative.

Cydia Tweak: How To Add An Android-Inspired Pattern Unlock Screen To The iPhone

Pattern Unlock, a brand new jailbreak tweak, allows users to add an Android-inspired Lock screen to a jailbroken iPhone.

Song Scrubbing Is Finally Added To The Lock Screen In iOS 7

Apple has added the ability to "scrub" through tracks to the Lock screen in its recently unveiled iOS 7 mobile operating system.

Keep Your Handset Close: Lock Screen Security Issue Discovered In iOS 7 Beta

One recently discovered security bug in iOS 7 beta 1 reminds us that Apple's prerelease software isn't intended for general use.

Slide To Unlock: AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With iOS 7's New Lock Screen

We now have a hands-on video to present to you in order to give you a better idea of what to expect from the new lock screen in iOS 7.

Cydia Tweak: JellyLock Lock Screen Tweak Updated With New Features

JellyLock, the popular Android-inspired Lock screen replacer for iOS, has just received an update.

Clean, Simple Interface And Improved Weather App Feature In New iOS 7 Concept

One new, interesting iOS 7 concept video demonstrates how the iOS Lock screen, Notification Center, and the fast app switcher could be improved.

Cydia Tweak: LockScreenToggles Gets New Features In Update

The recently released jailbreak tweak LockScreenToggles has already received an impressive update.

Cydia Tweak: Add A Music Scrubber To Your Lock Screen With LSMusicSeek

A new jailbreak tweak called LSMusicSeek can add a music "scrubber" to an iDevice's Lock screen.

Jailbreak Euphoria: Tweaks To Build The Perfect Lock Screen

Use this combination of Cydia tweaks to get the most out of the lock screen.