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The 3 LogMeIn Alternatives iOS Users Should Consider

Don't let LogMeIn's decision to close its free service get you down. Consider these other solutions.

Cubby Cloud Storage Services Now Available For Everyone

Cubby, LogMein’s answer to Dropbox, is now available for everyone. The storage service allows users to share information across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, and Android devices.

LogMeIn Adds Bluetooth Keyboard Support, Additional Cloud Storage Options And More

In the latest release of LogMeIn's iOS apps, users gain convenience with more cloud storage options, Bluetooth keyboard support, and resolution optimization.

Cubby, A Promising New Way To Share Your Files Across Multiple Platforms

Look out, Dropbox. Being very careful, Box. Say hello to Cubby, a new cloud storage service that arrives today that has some unique tools for those that need anywhere access to files.

LogMeIn Goes Free, But $40 In-App Subscription Unlocks Premium Features

The universal LogMeIn application has lost its $30 price-tag, and is now available to download in the App Store for free. However, in order to access some of the app's more "premium" features, users must spend $39.99 annually via an in-app subscription to upgrade to LogMeIn Pro.

iWake With AppAdvice For Friday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

LogMeIn Ignition Updated: Adds A Few New Features

Earlier today, we told you Screens had received a handy update. Now, another popular VNC client, LogMeIn Ignition, has been updated and a few new features have been added.

LogMeIn Ignition Updated: Adds Many Great New Features!

LogMeIn Ignition has just received a great update. Now, users of the universal application can take advantage of a variety of new features, including File Manager, and offline viewing on your iOS device.

No More Interruption Worries With LogMeIn Ignition's Multitasking Support

Login faster and stay connected when switching to other apps with the improved LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad