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AppList Updated: Apps For Emergencies

Be prepared for unexpected disasters of all kinds.

Get #Lost (In Space)

Puzzle games involving strategy tend to require a lot of thought. The new game, #Lost, however, can be as thoughtful or thoughtless as you want to make it.

Original Programming Could Be Hidden Gem Of Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus promises a lot for its $9.99/month subscription price. However, what could really set it apart from its competitors is its original programming. Read More...

Lost iPhone Investigation Continues, Gizmodo Now Cooperating

Jason Chen and the folks at Gizmodo were the early targets of the criminal investigation into the lost iPhone 4 prototype. It appears now that the investigation is continuing, but Gizmodo editor, Jason Chen, can breathe a big sigh of relief.

E*TRADE Runs Ad For iPhone App During Lost Finale

Lost season finale sees what might be the first national ad for an iPhone app. Did you see it?