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lucky bag

Check out what's inside Apple's 'Lucky Bags' in Japan this year

Apple has begun handing out “Lucky Bags” at its stores in Japan in observance of its annual New Year's retail tradition in the country.

Apple to once again offer 'Lucky Bags' in celebration of the new year in Japan

Apple has just announced that its annual New Year’s retail store promotion in Japan has been scheduled for Jan. 2, 2015.

AppAdvice International: Chinese New Year Deals, China Mobile, Japan's Lucky Bags

This week's AppAdvice International takes us over to China and Japan.

Let's Take A Look Inside Japan's 2014 Apple Retail Store Lucky Bags

Apple has started selling its 2014 Apple Store "Lucky Bags" in Japan, and the contents of individual bags vary.

Apple Sells Pre-Sealed Packages In Japan Containing Heavily-Discounted Accessories

This New Year saw thousands of Japanese Apple fans queue overnight for a chance to purchase a “lucky bag.” These pre-sealed packages, which have become something of a phenomenon in Japan over the last few years, are sold from Apple Stores and contain a varying (but heavily-discounted) array of iOS related goods.