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Mac OS X

To the ‘side Dock’ people: Why my Mac’s Dock stays on the bottom

Do you prefer to keep your Mac's Dock on the bottom or side?

Google’s VirusTotal Uploader Lands On Mac OS X

Users can drag-and-drop files into the free uploader so they can be scanned with more than 50 antivirus solutions.

OS X Mountain Lion To Receive Full iCloud Integration

Full iCloud integration is finally coming to OS X.

Apple Announces Mountain Lion, Coming In July For $20

Apple's next OS X, called Mountain Lion, has just been announced at WWDC and we have juicy details about this next major release.

The Mac App Store Now Requires All New Apps To Play In The Sandbox

The Mac App Store's (marginally controversial) sandbox requirement is finally underway.

Apple Unveils OS X Mountain Lion, Further Blurs The Desktop/iOS Line

More iOS features are coming to OS X with Apple's announcement of Mountain Lion.

There's A New King Of The Jungle: Apple Announces Mountain Lion

Apple looks set to further blur the lines between iOS and OS X with the release of Mountain Lion.

Piper Jaffray: Apple Stock Still Good, Apple HDTV Is Coming & WWDC May Disappoint

According to Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray, “now is a good time” to own Apple stock. Furthermore, the analyst continues to believe that Apple will release an HDTV, and also notes that his expectations for WWDC 2011 are “relatively low.”

Apple To Developers: Mac App Store "Will Be Open Soon"

Developers are being encouraged to make Mac App Store submissions now. Read more ...

FaceTime To Work With iChat, And Windows?

We all know and love FaceTime on our iPhone 4 handsets and iPods. The word on the street today is that a desktop version of FaceTime might be possible, with iChat integration, and also a Windows program.

Microsoft Executive: iPhone 4 Is Their Vista, And I'm Okay With That

Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, has recently compared the iPhone 4 with Windows Vista. Read on to find out why this is so upsetting for Apple fanboys to hear.

A Services Menu For iPhone?

Would you like to see Mac OS X's Services menu make its way onto the iPhone in a Spotlight-style transition?