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A new Magzter update puts the emphasis on individual articles

With version 6.0 of the app, articles are optimized for reading on your specific device.

Next Issue becomes Texture, changing how we read digital magazines

The hottest magazine app on the App Store is changing significantly.

Next Issue makes it easier to organize your favorite magazines

The popular magazine app has added some new features.

Next Issue Adds More Retina Display Magazine Titles, Has Big Plans For The Future

The popular magazine app has added titles that support Retina display.

Apple's iBeacon Is Now Being Used To Give Bar Patrons Free Access To Magazines

Here's an interesting way Apple's iBeacon is being used to help bring bar patrons into the door.

First Look: The Next Issue Digital Magazine Service Arrives On iPhone

The digital magazine app makes a successful jump to iPhone.

Next Issue Celebrates 'The (R)Evolution Of Digital Magazines'

You need to see this awesome infographic!

On iPad, Publishers' Magazine Efforts Are Barely Past The First Page

Apple and its partner publishers have yet to figure out the digital magazine.

With Longform, You'll Always Have Something To Read

If you're looking for long-form articles to cozy up to on your iPad, Longform is the perfect app.

iWake With AppAdvice For Thursday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

Engadget Jumps On The Magazine Bandwagon With Distro

Distro is Engadget’s new magazine app for the iPad. Taking each week’s tops stories and presenting them in a classic digital magazine style, Distro does not just aggregate news, nor does it require an in-app purchase.

Catalogue By The Find Unites Favorite Retail Catalogs In One Shopping Experience

Catalogue by The Find is a free app that brings over 40 catalogs together in one app. Many of the catalogs are quite popular, such as: Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, Sierra Trading Post and more. This presents a whole new way to browse and shop from your favorite catalog.

Worried Publishers Finally Face, Embrace Apple's Brave New World

Magazine and newspaper publishers haven't seen eye-to-eye with Apple's in-app subscription plan. That's because their eyes were closed.

GQ & Vanity Fair Leave The iPhone & Raise iPad Issue Price - Game Over?

The iPad, despite its success, hasn't quite been the savior the publishing industry had hoped for. As we reported many times, iPad magazine have been lacking and failed to attract a lot of public. Yet, if you thought that would motivate publishers to lower their prohibitive prices, you couldn't be more wrong.

Apple's Stance On In-App Purchases Of Magazines And Newspapers Becomes More Unclear

Has Apple declared war on newspaper and magazine publishers? It seems so.

New AppList : Best Fashion Magazine Apps For The iPad

Do you love fashion magazines, but hate the clutter? Are you still saving those back-issues? Our New AppList: Best fashion Magazine Apps For The iPad is your clutter solution. Throw away the print issues and step into digital organization.

Review: NewsAddict

An app that puts forty one news sources at the tip of your fingers. So if you are shaking uncontrollably because you haven't had your daily overdoes of news than turn on your NewsAddict and click away.

Review: StarNews

Anything you ever wanted to know about the celebrity culture in your hands. And what sweetens the deal is that you don't have to look at every joe shmo, B list, C list celeb. You can skip to your favorites and to the most interesting of their stories.