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Hottrix Makes For A Magician's Secret Assistant

Let's face it. There's a certain part of us that likes to impress people with what our iPhones can do. We like it when people see us use an app and they say, "Woah! That's cool!" Well, if you're into magic, now there's actually an App Store for that!

Max Kennedy

Appracadabra! Best Magic Tricks

Apprakadabra! Want to load your iPhone with some magic tricks that will leave your friends scratching their heads? This AppList has just the right combination of amazing, techno-savvy magic trick apps to amaze anyone!

Max Kennedy

Review: TCGBuddy with Promo Code Giveaway

There's no version of Magic: the Gathering for the iPhone...yet...but there are lots of apps to help you play the game. Some keep track of life, some track your decks, and some track prices of individual cards. TCGBuddy fulfills some of these and a whole lot more.

Michael Jeans

Review: Harry Potter: Spells

Transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into a magic wand and cast over fourteen different spells. This app is one every Harry Potter fan should check out. How do the controls fair? Find out here...

Matt Fox