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Mail app

Popular Jailbreak Dev Releases A Tweak That Patches The Mail App's Encryption Bug

Jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has patched the Mail app's encryption bug.

Cydia Tweak: MailUnlimitedPhotos Lifts The 5 Photo Email Limit On iOS

This new jailbreak tweak lets users lift the Mail app's most annoying restriction at no cost.

Can't Wait For A Mavericks Update? This Fix Could Help Your Mac's Mail App

Is your Mavericks-powered Mac suffering a Mail app problem? This fix could help.

The Small Change In iOS 7 Beta 5 That Makes Perfect Sense

Apple made a small change in iOS 7 beta 5 that makes deleting emails better.

How To Prevent Accidental Email Deletion In The Mail App

If you've ever accidentally tapped trash button while reading an email, this tip may help you out.

How To Search Through Your Email With Siri

Searching through your email just got a lot easier thanks to Siri.

How To Clarify Your Email Replies By Quoting Selected Text

Add some clarity to your email replies by quoting a specific paragraph or sentence.

How To Check And Reply To Email With Siri

If you've been looking for a hands-free way to manage email, we've got a couple of tips for you.

How To Keep Your Email Accounts Organized

The Mail app may lack some of the features found in other email clients, but it’s simple and keeps everything organized.

New Feature In iOS 6: Create Custom Signatures For Each Email Account

With iOS 6 you have the ability to create custom email signatures for each account on your device.

How To Send Group Emails With The Mail App

This neat workaround will allow you to create an email group and send messages to multiple addresses at once.

Apple Demoes Improved Mail App At Its iPhone Event

Speaking from the company's currently-ongoing iPhone event at the Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, Scott Forstall has shown-off some of the new features added to the built-in Mail app in iOS 6.

Push Mail Alert Brings Notification Support To Sparrow, But At A Steep Price

A new app brings push notifications to the Sparrow email client. Still, Push Mail Alert is quite pricey.

Jailbreak Only: AllMail - Adds Options For "All Mail" To The Mail Application

A jailbreak tweak called "AllMail" allows Apple fans to interact with all available emails in the built-in Mail app.