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Google launches Primer app for iOS to help startups learn lessons on marketing

Google continues to expand its presence on iOS with yet another new release on the App Store.

Apple Hires Wolff Olins CEO Karl Heiselman To Join Its Marketing Team

Apple has made another interesting marketing hire.

Apple's Former Marketing Chief Talks Steve Jobs In A Recent Interview

One of Apple's former VPs has described what it was like working under Steve Jobs.

Is AT&T Really Pushing Its Nokia Exclusive Harder Than The iPhone?

One report says Ma Bell's spoiling her newest darling with more marketing money than the household's biggest breadwinner.

Apple Reportedly Restricting White iPhone Marketing Among Third Party Apps

Apple could be gearing up to crack down on app advertisements featuring the white iPhone.

Apple Drawing Attention Away From Free Apps

While the App Store's "Top Apps" charts have always given equal billing to both free and paid apps, it appears that the equality has finally come to an end.

Apple Running Some Unexpected AdWords Campaigns For The iPad

You would think the iPad is so popular and overwhelmingly present in the media that Apple has almost no need to advertise it, or at least, no need to worry about such competition as the Dell Streak. Well, it isn't so apparently.

From the Diary of an App Developer: To Demo or Not to Demo?

Now that you've mostly programmed your application, it's time to make a choice: To demo or not to demo? This in an incredibly important decision, especially when it comes to marketing. Today, I'll help you make up your mind.