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marvel comics

Marvel Unlimited for iOS updated with new features for improved reading experience

The official iOS app of Marvel Unlimited has just been updated with several significant new features and improvements.

Marvel Unlimited Gets iOS 7 Design Refresh And More In Newly Issued Update

The official iOS app of Marvel Unlimited, the so-called "Netflix for Marvel comics," has just received a major update.

Marvel Is Once Again Offering Over 700 Free Digital Comic Books

Marvel will try once again to give away 700 No. 1 comic books.

Overwhelming Demand Halts Marvel Comic Book Giveaway

Comic book fans looking for free issues caused major server headaches for comiXology.

Snag More Than 700 Marvel First Issue Comics For Free On Your iOS Device

Download issues featuring the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more for free via the Marvel Comics app.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: The iPhone 5S And A Forgotten iPad Birthday

We celebrate a forgotten tablet as it celebrates its first birthday. Along the way, we discuss iPhone 5S and iRadio rumors, and more.

Marvel's New Subscription Service Opens Up More Than 70 Years Of Comic Books

Marvel Unlimited, which costs $10 per month or $60 per year, can be accessed on both the iPhone and iPad.

Panel Nine Releases Comic Book News Magazine, INFINITY For iPad

A fanzine from the 1980s is making a digital comeback. INFINITY, which covers digital graphic novels and comics, comes to iPad.

The iPad Is Helping Make 'Motion' Comics A Graphic, Gratifying Reality

Slowly but surely, comic books are evolving. And we owe it all to the iPad.

Get Behind The Mask In Marvel's The Avengers: Iron Man - Mark VII

This comic app gives you a glimpse into Tony Stark’s thoughts of each of his Iron Man creations. Part snippets of the movie and part new content, this story is sure to please any Iron Man fan.

Marvel Graphic Novels Now Available In The iBookstore

More than 80 of Marvel's graphic novels can now be purchased from the iBookstore. Brings Major Label Comics To The iPhone makes it easy to find your favorite comic series on the iPhone, saving you time and a trip to the local comic book shop.

Fight Super Villains With Your Finger In Marvel KAPOW!

Your favorite superheroes come together in a fight to save the world from their rival villains. With authentic comic book graphics, superhero music, and fast-paced gameplay, Marvel KAPOW! is definitely a hit.

Defend Your Honor, And Odin's Kingdom With Thor

The official game from Marvel Entertainment to accompany the movie. Thor has simple controls, great graphics, and a fun storyline.

Image Comics Arrives On Apple iDevices

Image Comics has now followed Marvel and DC Comics into the iPad digital world. This morning, the Berkeley, California-based company launched the Image Comics app for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. The company is committed to providing a forum for independent comic book creators.