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mass effect

EA Mobile Offers Huge iOS App Price Reductions In 'Back To School' Promotion

Good news, app fans: EA Mobile, the publisher of a large number of popular iOS applications, is offering iDevice owners huge savings on iPhone and iPad games (up to 80 percent off!) as part of a "back to school" promotion.

EA Releases Mass Effect 3 Datapad For iOS

Mass Effect codex entries on the go? Yes, please.

Mass Effect Infiltrator, Not The Same As Mass Effect 3 But A Fantastic Companion App

This companion app is very different from the heavy storyline of the Mass Effect franchise. Instead, you can annihilate the enemy in mini missions of “duck and cover” action shooting.

Soon You'll Be Able To Have Mass Effect On Your iPhone And iPad

Yup, that's right -- Mass Effect is heading to your iPhone and iPad! This will be a companion game for the upcoming final game, Mass Effect 3.