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Matching Games

Unravel tiles to create paths in Twofold Inc., a charming puzzler

The guys behind rymdkapsel are back at it again with a challenging new puzzle game.

Match quickly before the skulls explode in Swapperoo

This game is definitely a unique spin on a classic genre.

Line them up and match away in Let's Twist

Let's Twist is a unique arcade matching game that will keep you entertained.

Match cards together carefully in Pair Away

This matching game challenges you to make pairs from a grid of cards.

Unleash your inner warrior and match your way to the top in Color Heroes Saga: The Cube War

This matching game is unlike anything you've played before, and there's a chance to win a $500 iTunes gift card if you're good enough.

Chillingo Challenges You To Quickly Match Pairs Of Alien Creatures In Tanglers Blitz

As Tanglers Blitz's story goes, you and your company of alien creatures called Tanglers crash-land on a strange planet.

Retro Dreamer's New Sneezies Match Game Is Not To Be Sneezed At

If you're a fan of Sneezies, then you'll be delighted to learn that the game's titular cute creatures are back.

Solve The Old Clockmaker’s Riddle And Remove A Town’s Curse

Play this match-three game to rebuild a town and solve a mystery.

Match All The Creatures You Can With Mooniz HD

You’re going to enjoy being mooned by these little creatures.

Tap These Tanglers Out Of Existence Before They Steal All Of Your Cows

Connect two identical aliens to make them disappear in this sci-fi themed matching game.

Rescue Robots From Recycling In Rusty Robots

In Rusty Robots, players must match broken parts with new parts to repair robots before they are destroyed.

A Chance To Win One Of Three Zepi HD Games For iPad

Here's your chance to win one of three different Zepi HD games for iPad.

A Chance To Win Monster Madness HD For iPad

AppAdvice has teamed up with Megatouch in order to offer you a chance to win one of five promo codes for Monster Madness HD ($.99) for iPad.

Handcrafted Art Plus Matching Puzzle Game Equals Awesome

MatchEm is a matching game where images on the bottom can be switched around instead of the ones on top. It is not entirely unlike Tetris with a Halloween theme.

Get In The Zone With Connectrode

If you love puzzle and matching games, but are constantly searching for more of a challenge, give Connectrode a try.

Save The Clones From The Zoorgs In Time Geeks: Cloneggs

Pair up these cute 8-bit character clones and collect them all in this fun, new Time Geeks matching game.

Swap The Cards To Find The Matching Nerds In Nerd Girls The Game

Welcome to Nerd Girls The Game! This app is based on the Disney Book Group's "Nerd Girls" and is sure to have you snorting in no time.

Sweep The Board: How Sharp Are Your Eyes?

Sweep The Board will have you moving quickly to find all the appropriate objects needed to finish the round before your time runs out.