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math games

Rescue the Snortles in Jump! A Game of Numbers

Kids can have fun practicing math while saving cute creatures.

Join digits for big points in Sequence - Connecting Numbers

Spot the sequences and chain them up to score big points in this addictive and challenging puzzler.

The Mesh is a different way to play with numbers

You won't look at numbers the same way again after The Mesh, a fresh new mathematical puzzler.

Magic is made at the register in Change Wizard, a challenging but addictive math game

You'll never look at coins the same way again after playing Change Wizard.

DreamWorks' 'Penguins of Madagascar' gets Dibble Dash endless running game for iOS

Penguins of Madagascar: Dibble Dash is an endless runner that employs elements of arithmetic.

Loot Pursuit: Pompeii Makes Math A Thrilling Ancient Roman Adventure

Outsmart robbers to save artifacts in this ancient Rome-themed math game.

Win A Copy Of Numolition To Demolish The Comic Book World Of Numbers

In this comic-style world, you'll have to brush up on your mental math skills in order to demolish everything.

AppAdvice Daily: Let These Games Be Your Valentine

Looking for love? Then look not further. We have two new games that will melt your heart, on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Bolt By Happsan Is Like Words With Friends For Math Geeks

Get the highest score by calculating the best equation in this social numbers game.

Math Academy Makes Speed Drills A Blast

Make those mundane speed drills a lot more fun with Math Academy. They will be whipping through problems in no time.