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Connect with others and create your media to-do lists with Fabric

Keep track of what you want to watch, listen to, or where you want to visit with this cool new app.

Watch All Of Your Videos Anywhere With These Movie Streaming Apps

Make movie watching easy by streaming to your iPad.

Get Your Magazine Fix On With Your iPad

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and your iPad. It's time to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest news with these apps!

New AppGuide DLNA Streaming Apps

Power users that have a lot of media that they want to listen to in multiple locations and formats tend to use DLNA/UPnP servers. The apps in this AppGuide will give you some of the best apps to get media streaming from your servers to your iDevice.

AppGuide Updated: Best iPad Movie Streaming Apps

While the iPad is great for movies due to its beautiful screen and fantastic battery life, it does have a major limitation: storage space. With iTunes Libraries reaching a few hundred GB's of movies alone, there is just no way to get that much media on even the largest iPad. Luckily, the apps in this AppGuide will allow you to stream all of your movies -- no matter the size -- over the internet.

New AppGuide: Best Computer Mouse Controlling Apps

Instead of buying an expensive wireless mouse for your PC or Mac or your Media PC, why not spend a few bucks on an iPhone app that can do it for you?

Quanp For iPhone: Upload Media, Without The Attachment Limits

If you're an iPhone 4 owner who wishes there was an easier way to share captured HD videos, read on to find out more about quanp!

Review: myPhoneDesktop - Android Intents For Your iDevice

Jealous of what Android users can do with the new 'Intents' feature? Well now you can push phone numbers, sms, text, URLs and photos from your computer directly to your iPhone with myPhoneDesktop. Read on for more.

Hidden Gems: Snatch, Screams and So Much More

In this week's column we'll take a look at a recently-updated remote control app and take another look at the App Store's screamer app offerings.