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One sip of Cola brings you a whole new messaging experience

There's a new name coming to messaging to revolutionize how you text your friends and colleagues.

Here's how to crash and fix your Skype account

Microsoft's messaging app can be crashed by a simple typo.

The awkward truth behind automated messaging on iOS and Apple Watch

Our personal computers think they’re being smart and helpful by providing automated suggestions for what we should say. But are they?

Contrast's Group Text+ brings messaging system-wide with iOS extensions

Sending messages to groups or individual contacts is easiest using this app, which works anywhere you can share.

Get Creative And Sling Silly Shots To Your Facebook Friends With Slingshot

Will Slingshot from Facebook make you replace Snapchat?

Apple's Latest Patent Describes Contact-Aware UI For The iOS Messages App

Apple's latest significant patent application could help users avoid mis-messaging on their iPhone.

You&Me Is A Fun And Fresh New Take On Messaging With Your Other Half

When you use You&Me, messaging your significant other becomes a fresh new experience that you can share together.

Cydia Tweak: biteSMS Gets Updated For Apple's iPhone 5s

Good news iPhone 5s users: biteSMS has been updated for the A7 processor.

Apple Rejects Encrypted IM App On 'Illegitimate' Grounds, Developer Claims

It could be we never see an ultra-secure, encrypted messaging app for iOS launch.

Popular iOS Messaging App MessageMe Adds Web Client And New Usernames

This messaging service has just added Web support and a new username system.

Ping Is Dead. Long Live Hop, The New Messaging App For iOS

Ping puts away the golf clubs and introduces Hop.

Cate iOS App Wants To Simplify iDevice-Powered Communication

Cate could be the next great messaging app for iOS - but only if its Indiegogo project is a success.

Make Messaging Personal Again By Winning A Copy Of MyRealFont Pro

Here's your chance to win MyRealFont Pro for iPhone and iPod touch!

Korean Chat Service Experiences Over A Billion Texts A Day

Some of the notable features of KakaoTalk Messenger are that it's unlimited, global, and available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry. You can send texts, pictures, and video, as well as voice notes. It distinguishes itself from an app like Apple's Messages with additional features, like the ability to change the background image and exporting your conversations to email. The app is similar to the popular WhatsApp Messenger, but it is currently free.

Review: WhatsApp Messenger - Where U At?

Looking for a way to message your smartphone touting buddies, but avoid those pricey messaging fees? WhatsApp Messenger, with its variety of messaging features just may fit the bill. Find out how it stacks up against the rest in our in-depth review...