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microsoft office for iOS

Microsoft Office for iOS adds iCloud and Box integrations

The latest Microsoft Office for iOS update is here.

Microsoft Office and Dropbox apps are now integrated thanks to new partnership

The Dropbox and Microsoft partnership was announced earlier this month.

Is Microsoft Word For iPad Worth The Hype And The Price?

Many iOS users claim Pages is enough, but is that entirely true?

You Don't Need Microsoft Office On Your iPad When You Can HopTo

HopTo allows you to edit and share documents on your iPad.

A Review Of What We Got And Didn't Get From Apple At WWDC 2013

We had some pretty big ideas for WWDC 2013. How'd we do?

The Wait Is Finally Over: Microsoft Office Is Now Available In The App Store

Microsoft finally brings Office to Apple's mobile universe.

WWDC 2013 Countdown: Two More Things Apple Should Announce June 10

The start of WWDC 2013 is just days away. Here are two more things we'd love to see during the June 10 keynote.

What Microsoft’s Latest Office Moves Mean For Mac And iOS Users

There is some good news for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac users.

Updated SkyDrive App Finally Arrives After Microsoft, Apple Settle Differences

Users can purchase additional storage on the Web instead of directly through the app.

Microsoft’s Ballmer Talks Office For iOS And ‘Small’ Number Of Dropbox Users

The Microsoft CEO was coy when asked how the fabled Office for iOS is progressing.

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Home Premium While iOS Users Are Still Left Out In The Cold

Will Microsoft Office ever make an appearance on iOS devices?

Opinion: Apple Should Not Give In To Microsoft's Demands Over Office For iOS

Microsoft Office may never come to iOS, and that is fine given the circumstances.