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microsoft surface

Even with the tablet market facing decline, Apple continues to outshine Microsoft

A new estimate says Apple sold more than 2 million iPad Pros during the holiday shopping season.

Op-Ed: Why Apple should give us an ‘iPad Pro’ with a yucky stylus

Who would an "iPad Pro" appeal to, and why should we care?

You can’t even pay people to use a Microsoft Surface

Microsoft paid CNN commentators to use Surface tablets. That was a very bad idea.

Microsoft's New Surface Pro 3 Trade-In Scheme Targets MacBook Air Owners

Microsoft is hoping to convince MacBook Air owners to switch over to using a Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Looks Set To Take On Apple's iPad mini With A Smaller Surface Tablet

It looks as if Microsoft is going to be launching a small-size tablet of its own.

Samsung's Latest Galaxy Tab Pro Ad Hits All The Right Notes As It Goes After Other Tablets

The newest Samsung ad goes after Apple's iPad, the Microsoft Surface, and Amazon's Kindle tablets.

Microsoft Once Again Takes Aim At Apple's iPad In New Surface Ads

Microsoft is taking aim at Apple's iPad in two new Surface 2 ads.

Despite Claiming Superiority, Microsoft's Excel Can't Even Handle Basic Math

Microsoft's Excel makes a terrible blunder in one new Surface ad.

Lots To Cover: Apple Could Launch Surface-Style Keyboard Cover For iPad

Apple has been experimenting with a Microsoft Surface-style keyboard cover for its iPad, according to a recent report.

Microsoft’s Latest TV Ad Takes Shots At The iPad mini

The Windows giant is at it again with another spot comparing the Acer Iconia W3 to the smaller Apple tablet.

When It Comes To Microsoft Surface Sales, It's All About The Zeros

Microsoft is struggling as Surface sales fall flat.

Logitech's FabricSkin Offers iPad Users A Microsoft Surface-Like Keyboard

Logitech's new iPad case takes a heap of inspiration from the Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface Customers Are In Short Supply Or They Hate Surfing The Web

A new survey suggests that the Microsoft Surface is off to an abysmal start.

Microsoft CEO To Apple: We Are Finally Joining The Battle

Remember Zune? Microsoft's Steve Ballmer says he will leave no “stone unturned” in their innovation battle against Apple.

The iPad Mini Is Apparently Marching Closer To Reality

It’s time to face the facts. The iPad mini is coming.

Under The Surface, Microsoft's ARM Tablet Is A Terrible Mistake

Microsoft's Surface tablet may have destroyed Windows RT's chance at success.

The AppAdvice Week In Review

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Did Microsoft strike back with Surface?

On The Surface, Microsoft's Tablets Look Pretty Compelling

While not a threat to the iPad's reign, Microsoft's new Surface tablets look like a solid second choice.