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Microsoft vs. Apple

Under The Surface, Microsoft's ARM Tablet Is A Terrible Mistake

Microsoft's Surface tablet may have destroyed Windows RT's chance at success.

Microsoft's Mobile Strategy Comes Into Focus With Windows Phone 8 Preview

While Microsoft's made Windows Phone better, it's still not a serious threat to Apple.

On The Surface, Microsoft's Tablets Look Pretty Compelling

While not a threat to the iPad's reign, Microsoft's new Surface tablets look like a solid second choice.

Apple's CEO Doesn't Think An iPad-MacBook Mashup Is In Cupertino's Cards

The compromises needed to converge Apple's family of devices is too great for the consumer to bear. Or care.

Lukewarm Carrier Support Puts Nokia, Microsoft Behind The Eight Ball

Nokia's flagship handset is beautiful, well-made, inexpensive, and utterly worthless.

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Will Dominate Chinese Market By 2016

Microsoft is majorly bullish on the Eastern future of its Windows Phone platform.

Windows 8 Touch Layer Looks Promising, But It's What's Inside That Counts

MIcrosoft's new touch-centric software layer hides the ugly truth of what's running underneath.

Computex To Be Google's And Microsoft's Best Chance To Generate Tablet Buzz

This week, the Taipei-hosted Computex event kicks off with Apple's tablet competition headlining.

Microsoft Lures iPhone Devs With Cash?

According to a recent report, Microsoft have started throwing cash at iPhone developers in an attempt to get them to port their own apps over to the upcoming Windows Phone 7. Read on to find out more about this crazy story.