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Improve your air guitar game with Jamstik+

This delightful, but expensive, accessory is a definite step up from playing air guitar.

Audiomux lets you stream audio from your iPhone to your Mac

Thanks to the new Audiomux app, you can now stream audio directly from your iOS device to your Mac.

ChordPolyPad Offers iDevice Owners An Impressive Chords Player For MIDI Instruments

One new application offers iPad owners an impressive MIDI chords player.

Lemur - The Ultimate MIDI/OSC Touch Screen Controller Is Now Available In The App Store

Lemur is a renowned touch screen MIDI/OSC controller utilized by Daft Punk, Björk, Deadmau5, M.I.A. and many more. Now, the controller is available to access on an iPhone or iPad via a $49.99 universal app, which launched in the App Store a couple of days ago.

Alesis Releases A MIDI/XLR iPad Dock (Rhymes Not Included)

Alesis debuts IO Dock, an XLR-rockin' MIDI music solution for iPad.

Yamaha Finally Takes iOS Seriously, Makes 30-Pin MIDI Interface

Yamaha bridges the musical gap with its fully-compatible Core MIDI adapter for iOS devices.

iOS 4.2 To Bring MIDI Support - Is GarageBand On Its Way?

MIDI is here with iOS 4.2. What new apps are on the way?

New AppList: Music Apps To Control Your Computer

There are some great apps that turn your iPhone or iPad into a musical instrument. But what if you want to integrate your iDevice into your musical workflow with your computer? The following AppList is for musicians who want to use their iDevice to control their computer.