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midway arcade

Midway Arcade Finally Receives iCade Support

Midway Arcade finally receives iCade support!

Midway Arcade Makes You Feel Like You’re 13 Again, Sweaty Palms And All

Play arcade classics like Spy Hunter and Rampage, as well as skill-based games like air hockey and Skee-Ball. When you enter the Midway Arcade showroom, you’ll feel like you just stepped into 1986.

AppAdvice Daily: Gamer's Corner Part 1 - Hot Games Of The Week

It's Friday so we have some of the hottest games of the week. However this week there were so many hot games, that we couldn't just fit them into one show. So enjoy part one of today's Gamer's Corner.

Blast From The Past: Midway Arcade Revives Retro Titles For iOS

Warner Bros. has just released Midway Arcade in the New Zealand App Store.