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Embark on a Beast Quest in Miniclip's new action-adventure RPG for iOS

Think of Beast Quest as Infinity Blade but less dark and more geared toward kids of all ages.

Does Gravity Guy 2 Offer Even More Gravity-Flipping Gaming Goodness?

Don't expect to be flipping gravity again in Gravity Guy 2.

Unlock Is A Simple Title For A Simple Game

Some weird alien guy (not sure who or what he is) has been captured. The only way to free him (or it) is to solve a wooden block puzzle.

Miniclip Announces Extreme Skater, Coming Very Soon For iOS

Known for games such as Hambo Begins, Fragger, and Ping Pong, Miniclip has announced their next game for mobile platforms, Extreme Skater.

Hambo Is Out For Revenge, Enemies Had Better Watch Out Or They’ll Be Ground Into Pork Sausage

Play this physics-based shooter where pork is on the menu. Vegetarians be warned. This game is all about making bacon.

Play The Lorax HD, Download it For Free, You Won’t Be Upset, You’ll Dance With True Glee

Play this physics-based puzzle game for the iPad based on the movie of the same name, which is based on the book of the same name.

Halfbrick Studios Teams With Miniclip To Make Monster Dash's Barry Even More Destructive

Halfbrick Studios has joined forces with to bring Barry Steakfries from Halfbrick's acclaimed title, Monster Dash, into the strategic grenade only action of Fragger.

Apache Overkill Is One Feature Away From Being A Classic

Apache Overkill is a side scrolling flyer in which you fight off waves of enemies in the air, or on land, as an Apache helicopter. It features dozens of levels across four worlds and Game Center integration.

Game Of The Day: iStunt 2 - Snowboarding Adrenaline Rush

iStunt2 is a fast-paced, graphically intense snowboard race to the finish that you will have a hard time putting down. We gave it a full review, and we were impressed with it, we made it our App of the Day! Click through to read more.

Review: Gravity Guy - Gravity Defying Cop Chase

Ready, set, escape to run for your life while switching up gravity in the process. Gravity Guy is the newest game from MiniClip who brought you Fragger among others. Read on to find out if this is one will be the next runaway hit.

Get The Fraggin' Holiday Started With Miniclip's Fragger v1.5 wants you to have a Merry fraggin' Christmas this year with the release of Fragger v1.5.

Review: Fragger - Should You Pull the Pin?

Fragger is a simple arcade-puzzler based off the Flash game of the same name. A few things are lost some gained in the transition. But it is essentially the same experience.