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Today's Apps Gone Free: PDF PROvider, Jellytoons Birthday Countdown, Carota! And More

Today's AGF list includes a business app, an interactive storybook, and a puzzle game.

Steve Jobs Is In A (Liquid) Metal Mood

Few materials are more testosterone-inducing than metal. Pair Apple with a revolutionary form of metal, and awesomeness must follow.

App Review Team Gets Flustered By America's Next Top Model

Apple's App Review Team has been up to some crazy stuff again. Read on to find out more about its latest stunt...

New iPhone 4 App Lets You Get Ready In Style

When Apple showed the front-facing camera on the iPhone 4 at WWDC, it seemed it might be accessible to FaceTime only. Now, with the iPhone 4 out less than a week, there is already at least one third party app in the App Store that uses it.