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Cydia Tweak: How To Easily Bypass The Messages App's Limit For Video Size

If you have an unlimited data plan and wish to bypass the Messages app's video size limit, read on.

Forget The Apps - Twitter Now Allows Users To Post Images Using MMS

Twitter has recently added the ability to post images to the social network via MMS.

AppGuide Updated: Apps for Texting

Sure, Apple's new iMesseger may have been announced recently, but with so many people without iDevices, it may be of use to look at these texting app and dodge the bill that you carrier is eager to give to you.

AppGuide: Free, Unlimited Texting on your iPhone

Free and Unlimited text messaging is not a dream, its an app. Read my picks for the top ways to get it done on the iPhone.

Where Is AT&T On MMS And Tethering?

Around the world, 22 carriers will be offering tethering plans so iPhone users can connect their computers to the Internet using the phone's connection and 29 carriers will be ready to send MMS messages when iPhone OS 3.0 launches next week. AT&T is absent from both these lists.