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mobile safari

Maxthon, The Mobile Safari Alternative Is All Dressed Up For Apple's iOS 7

The Maxthon Web Browser Free app has been updated with a new design, and features.

How To Open Links In The Background When Using Safari

Safari may not have browsing tabs, but there is an option in the Settings app that might serve as a workaround.

Don’t Get Caught Being Sneaky, Use Private Browsing

Private Browsing allows you to use Safari without it saving a record of your browsing history, login information, searches, and cache.

Google Fined Record Amount For 'Spying' On Mobile Safari Users

The Federal Trade Commission is about to levy its biggest monetary penalty ever.

Mobile Safari Gets New Features

Just when you thought mobile Web browsing couldn't get any better, it does.

Report: Google Chrome Coming To iOS Later This Year

Ready to ditch mobile Safari? Google hopes so.

These Simple Bookmarklets Can Shrink Or Expand Your Online World

Use this simple trick to increase or decrease Mobile Safari's font size quickly and easily.

Google's Safari Exploit Draws Privacy-Based Class Action Lawsuit

As expected, Google's been hit with a class action lawsuit in response to last week's Safari snafu.

Google Exploits Safari Bug, Tracks Browsing Without Your Consent

Another week, another privacy scandal. Google's just maintaining the status quo.

How To Reopen Recently Closed Tabs Easily In Mobile Safari

Thanks to a tip from Macgasm, no more fussing with finding recently opened tabs in mobile Safari on the iPad.

Mobile Safari Powers Over Half Of All Mobile Internet Access In 2011

In 2011, mobile Safari accounted for more than half the whole world's mobile internet access.

Apple's iPad Accounts For One Percent Of World's Web Browsing

Here's an impressive piece of information for you: Apple's "magical and revolutionary" iPad, which originally hit Apple Stores back in March, last year, now accounts for over one percent of worldwide Web browsing. The news comes in a report published by NetMarketShare, which hit the Web recently.

Apple Improves Mobile Safari In iOS 5 - Now Zooms Ahead Of The Competition

In the first beta version of iOS 5, Apple has much improved Safari for iOS.

Apple Knocking Off Its Own App Store Developers? That's Pretty Far-Fetched

With every new iOS iteration, Apple's accused of eroding the App Store. I'm not convinced.

All You Need To Know About iOS 5's WWDC Preview

Apple's new iOS 5 features are many in number and awesome by nature. Read on for the full preview.

Google Weather: Location Based Weather Information And Predictions

Google has added a new feature to its location based weather information. It appears in mobile Safari when you Google search "weather" on your iOS device. Now, users can access weather predictions for their area, by moving a slider.

New Mobile Safari Features To Take WebApps To The Next Level

Mobile Safari has seen a significant upgrade as part of the iOS 4.2 release. Developers should be thrilled. Read more ...

Google Improves Gmail Look In Mobile Safari

Gmail users who enjoy using the Google email service through mobile Safari are in luck. It just got better thanks to a couple of recently announced improvements.

Jailbreak Only: Mobile Safari Gets Private Browsing Mode With Covert

Want to keep some of your Mobile Safari browsing sessions off the record? There is a jailbreak tweak for that.

EchoSign Adds Support For HTML5, Allows iDevice Users To Sign On The Go

The online e-signature service, EchoSign, has just added support for HTML5 to its mobile site - meaning that iDevice owners can now sign on the go! Read on to find out more...