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MOG Is Dead, Long Live Apple's Beats Music

Following its acquisition by Apple, Beats has shut down MOG, which it acquired for $14 million in July 2012.

Following Launch Of Beats Music, Dr. Dre's Beats To Shut Down MOG In April

Beats has announced that it's set to pull the plug on MOG, the music streaming service it acquired for $14 million in July 2012.

Beats Music Will Launch In The US In The Next Few Months

According to the company, the streaming service will be unique and based around music curation.

WWDC 2013 Countdown: Three More Things Apple Should Announce In June

In our second of a four-part series, we take a look at what we'd like to see at next month's big conference.

Spotify Expanding Into Mexico, Hong Kong And Six Other Locations

Spotify is expanding into eight additional locations.

Spotify Takes Over The YouTube Home Page As Apple Looks Likely To Join The Fray

Spotify is spending a lot of money on advertising, but why?

Beats Plans On Relaunching The MOG Music Service With A New Name And Features

Beats' plans for the MOG music subscription service are becoming clearer.

Yawn: Apple Could Launch iRadio Streaming Music Service This Year

Apple could finally launch a streaming music service this year. Will anyone care?

Recently Updated MOG For iPhone Is 'Better, Stronger, Faster'

Spotify competitor MOG has recently updated its official iPhone app with a handful of new significant features.

Spotify For iPad Could Be Coming This Week

An official Spotify for iPad app could arrive as early as this Wednesday. About time, don't you think?

MOG Becomes Third Streaming Service To Offer iPad App

The news just keeps getting more depressing for iPad owners who are Spotify users.

MOG Surpasses Digital Music Service Rival Spotify In Race To iPad

MOG has come out with an official app optimized for Apple's ubertablet.

Spotify Has 1.4 Million U.S. Customers So Far

Nearly one month after its U.S. debut, the Spotify music service has handed out 1.4 million free trials of which 12.5 percent of those converted to one of the service’s paid packages. This means nearly 175,000 U.S. customers are paying for the service, according to All Things Digital.

Rdio For iPad Is Impressive, Not Quite Perfect

Last week, Rdio upgraded its popular iPhone/iPod touch app making it universal. Today, we offer our first look at this impressive product.

Rdio Flies By Spotify by Launching iPad App (Updated)

Today, Rdio became the first of the big three streaming music services in the U.S. to offer an iPad app. The Rdio app is now universal and works on the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Kazaa Digital Music Service Won’t Play Nice With Apple

The digital music marketplace has gotten a bit more crowded now that Kazaa is available on iOS devices. However, that doesn’t mean the company that once broke rules of its own will play along with those made by Apple.