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Today’s apps gone free: Colors, Textkraft, Momento and more

Today’s AGF list includes a photography app, a writing app, and a journaling app.

Today’s apps gone free: Momento, Imagination Box, Alarm Clock Radio and more

Today’s AGF list includes a journaling app, an art creation app, and a clock radio.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Momento, The BeatBlaster, Peekaboo Fridge And More

Today's AGF list includes a lifestyle app, a music player, and an educational app.

Momento Journal App Updated With Reminders, Nearby Place Tags And More

The hugely popular and highly acclaimed journal app Momento has just received a new update.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Situps 0 To 200, Momento, Tiny Dentist And More

Today's AGF list includes a fitness app, a diary app, and a children's game.

Get The Awesome Momento App Free At Starbucks This Week

If you have not visited your local Starbucks lately, you are missing out on a great promotion. Starbucks has shared the love of music with their customers for a while with a Pick Of The Week iTunes song download, and now they are sponsoring a weekly free app download from the App Store.

Remembary Is A Great iPad Journal App

A new journal app for the iPad offers just enough customization to make it your own. And, the price is good too.

Momento Is Still The Best Diary/Journal App In The App Store

Sometimes newer apps aren't better than ones that were released months ago. For example, take Momento, it's still the best. Read more ...