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Send and receive money on your Apple Watch with Square Cash

Leave your wallet at home and use your Apple Watch to send your friends cash instead.

The best 9 budgeting apps for iPhone and iPad

Let your iPhone and iPad help you get your finances in order.

Keep Tabs On Your Money With The Beautiful Spendbook On iPhone

Keeping track of where your money goes has never been so beautiful.

AppAdvice Daily: Splitting The Check Has Never Been Easier

Forget carrying a Square dongle in your pocket, download Venmo and get your money from friends the fast and easy way.

Protect Your Wallet From Unpleasant Surprises With Expenses Planner

Be reminded of upcoming expenses before they have the opportunity to surprise you.

Get Your Personal Finances Ready For Your iPhone 5

Get your finances in order once and for all with these apps.

Never Lose a Receipt Again With Lemon - Receipts Refreshed

Lemon - Receipts Refreshed effortlessly files photocopies of your receipts.

New AppList: Apps For Surviving Tough Economic Times

The current economy has a lot of folks struggling. Luckily, there are some apps that can help. From tracking and saving money to earning more, your iDevice can help you survive and thrive the downturn.

Entertainment Weekly, InStyle Among 17 New Magazines Coming To iPad

Time Inc. announced on Wednesday that all of its 21 magazines would be coming to the iPad before the end of the year. Titles, which include Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, and Coastal Living, will also be available on Android, the HP TouchPad, and Barnes & Noble Nook, according to news first reported by the Apple Insider.

AppGuide Updated: Best iPad Stock Market Apps

If you are an investor of any kind, then you need to have a way to track the state of your stocks. The apps in this AppGuide will give you all of the information you need, no matter the type of investor you are. In this update, we have added iChartist, which is a fantastic choice for serious traders that need the deep information that the app has to offer.

It's Not What You’ve Got! Teaches Kids About Money And Abundance, Plus A Giveaway

Its Not What You've Got! is a book that will challenge kids to think about money, abundance and the things in life that are most important. This story has depth and meaning, beyond a simple bedtime read.

Get Paid For Taking Pictures With Your iPhone

I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, right.” It sure sounds like a scam, doesn’t it? But soon, you may in fact be getting paid— just for having your iPhone in the right place at the right time.

Track Your Hard-Earned Money With Moneybag & Win A Free Code

Moneybag is an app that helps you manage your money in an easy to read layout. It is simple to use and provides appealing visual aids that show different financial aspects of your accounts.

New AppGuide: Best Financial News Apps

Whether you're a big shot investor or an average joe looking to know the happenings of the financial world, these apps can help give you the lowdown on finance news.

New AppList: Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

This list will have the best personal finance apps for the iPhone. So if you are looking for a stock ticker, something to help you keep track of your bills, a simple tip calculator, and more, this is the list.

How To Make A Million With Your iPhone

A simple app for calculating how fast you can make a million. With two serious options and one comical relief, Make Me a Million is a good app to have in your pocket.

Set Goals And Track Your Money With SmartSaver

SmartSaver is a great finance app that will help you save your money and reach your financial goals. With the ability to track your finances while monitoring your savings, this app is comprehensive, yet fun to use.

QuickAdvice: Make Intelligent Purchases With SpendWise

SpendWise is simple financial calculator that helps users figure out how much an item is worth. It gives the cost of an item per use and per hour, along with how long you will have to work for to buy it.

Apple Expected To See Greater Profits Ahead

While Apple definitely hasn't suffered in the current economy, it appears that the future is even brighter for what was an underdog tech company less than 10 years ago.

MoneyBook Updated - High Res Artwork Added, Plus Bug Fixes!

The popular budget-watching iPhone app, MoneyBook, has just received an update that adds high res graphics and fixes a pretty nasty bug. Read on to find out more...

Apple Drawing Attention Away From Free Apps

While the App Store's "Top Apps" charts have always given equal billing to both free and paid apps, it appears that the equality has finally come to an end.

Get 90% Of Required Textbooks On Your iPad And Save Up To 60%

Colleges across the U.S. are testing out the idea of using iPads in place of textbooks. Now, thanks to one company, you can get almost every textbook you need on your iPad in one handy app.

Use Your iPhone's Camera To Make A Custom Visa Gift Card

App developers have come up with a lot of great uses for the iPhone's camera. Now, one developer has come up with a way to make your own customized Visa gift card with it.

MasterCard's MoneySend App To Rival PayPal?

MasterCard have unleashed their new app, MoneySend. But is it something to rival PayPal? Read on to find out more.