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monopoly for ipad

Best Of E3: Here & Now: World Monopoly For iPad

The most recent Monopoly game released for the iPhone/iPod touch is coming to the iPad too. Here & Now: World Monopoly by Electronic Arts will be released into the App Store in July.

Vampires, Fast Cars, And A Reimagined Twitter Client Come To iPad

Order & Chaos, Monopoly, and i. TV make up some of the best iPad apps of the week. But, which was the absolute best?

The Biggest Update To Monopoly For iPad Is More Environmentally Friendly With Perks

Venan Entertainment and Electronic Arts make their own contribution to the improvement of the environment by bringing a hybrid into the mix of transportation choices, plus additional statistics, some gameplay improvements, and more in Monopoly for iPad v1.0.3.

Review: Monopoly - Capitalism Has Never Been So Portable

The classic board game has come to the iPad. Does it Pass Go? Read on to find out if it's worth picking up.