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Monster Robot Studios

Save The Solar System In Galaxy Cat

Galaxy Cat is a kitty-themed puzzle game.

Win A Copy Of Bridge The Gap 2

Captain Sneer and his scurvy scalawags are in search of booty across five different islands. However, they’re more of the following type, which means it’s up to you to guide them.

Monster Robot Studios' Beyond Dead Available Now

Discover the truth about the Asteriae system in this retro-styled platformer.

Monster Robot Studios' Sci-Fi Platformer, Beyond Dead, Launches Next Week

Monster Robot Studios, the creators of GravCat and Bridge the Gap, are proud to announce the upcoming release of their third iOS app, SZC: Beyond Dead.

Watch Out For Bugs And Stars As You Collect Power Cells In GravCat

GravCat is a fun game that has a dear little kitty bouncing between asteroids to collect power cells for some bizarre reason. Help him out and keep him safe.