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Help The Human Race Fall In Monsters Rising

Take down the humans and destroy their world so that monsters can rule once again.

Disney Announces Mid-May Madness Sale On Storybook Titles For iOS

Five Disney titles for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad are now on sale.

Raise Over 300 Monsters In GeoSociety For iPhone

Pokemon fans who have been awaiting a similar game on the iDevices, wait no more. GeoSociety has recently hit the App Store and offers gameplay that resembles that of the Nintendo series. You can breed, tame and battle various monsters while exploring an RPG world.

Zilla The Monster Runs Amok In Beautiful, Destructive "Demolition Dash"

dreamfab's wonderful "Demolition Dash" is bold, bright, and sure to be an App Store hit.

Too Much Fruit? No Problem We Got Monsters To Slice!

Sick of slicing fruit? How about Monsters? Slice and dice three times as many monsters as you would fruit in this interesting new game. Read ahead to find out more.

Monster Blaster: A Timeless Classic With An Explosive Twist

Monster Blaster is an interesting twist on a “timeless classic” called Tetris. For those who really enjoy titles that derive from Tetris, this is definitely worth a look.

Make A Splash On iPhone With Freaking Inkies

Freaking Inkies is a fun new shooter game for iPhone with a colourful twist. Little Monsters have invaded your library and the only way to get rid of them is to fire colourful paint shots at them. The catch? You have to mix the right colours together to defeat them.