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Mosaic, a new notebook app, makes it easier than ever to capture and organize your ideas

Baron Fig has brought a brand new application to the App Store called Mosaic.

Turn Ordinary Photos Into Fun Creations With These iPhone Apps

Spice up your snapshots with the help of these extraordinarily fun photo apps.

QuickAdvice: MosaicArtist Turns Your Photos Into Art

Do you love mosaic-style art but don't have the skills to create one freehand? Check out MosaicArtist for an easy way to create gorgeous art from your photos.

New AppList: Apps For Combining Photos

Combine your photos in different ways with these apps. For example, you can scatter photos onto the background of your choosing. Create a grid, mosaic, cubist artwork, or panorama of your photos. Learn about all those and more in this AppList.

QuickAdvice: Create A Bubbly Masterpiece With Percolator

Percolator is a truly fun app where you can unleash your creativity. Turn any photograph into a work of bubbly mosaic art -- no actual artistic skill needed. You choose a photo and tweak the settings; Percolator does the artwork.

QuickAdvice: MyPictureMosaic

MyPhotoMosaic lets you create genuine photo mosaics with just a tap. Read on to find out just how easy and fun and cool it is!