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mountain sheep

Beyond Gravity launches on iOS, offers a sci-fi platformer from the creator of Bike Baron

Mountain Sheep's Beyond Gravity has blasted onto the App Store.

Defy Gravity In Beyond Gravity, An Upcoming Sci-Fi Platformer From Bike Baron's Creator

The team behind Bike Baron has a new platformer that's launching on iOS next month.

KingHunt Goes Free As Apple's Latest Free App Of The Week

KingHunt has been chosen by Apple to be its free App of the Week.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For Dec. 13, 2013

Get swashbuckling and slicing with our top game picks for the week!

Swipe And Slice Your Way To Victory Against Evil In Mountain Sheep's KingHunt

Mountain Sheep, the makers of the Minigore, take a stab at slicing games and make it even better.

Mountain Sheep's KingHunt Brings Next-Gen Slice-And-Swipe Fun To Apple's iOS

Mountain Sheep has brought KingHunt, its latest iOS title, to the App Store.

Move Aside, Fruit Ninja: Information On Mountain Sheep's KingHunt Surfaces Online

Information on Mountain Sheep's KingHunt has hit the Web, including a bunch of screenshots.

The Furries Are Back In The Popular Dual-Stick Shooter Sequel Minigore 2: Zombies

Mountain Sheep's latest dual-stick shooter Minigore 2: Zombies has just received a "furry" update.

Help John Gore Save Hardland From Zombies In Minigore 2

Have you been waiting for John Gore to return in a new Minigore game? Well, he's back, and better than ever! Help him save Hardland from the new evil that awaits in this incredibly fun sequel.

Look, Ma, One Hand! Rage Against The Machine With Just A Single Button In Ice Rage

Ice Rage, the popular arcade hockey game from Minigore and Bike Baron creator Mountain Sheep, has recently hit upon its eighth update.

Multiplayer Expansions And Support For The New iPad Arrive In Death Rally

In today's release of v2.3, fans can play a Duke Match within multiplayer, take advantage of their brand new iPad's Retina display, stumble upon Easter eggs, and earn other rewards.

Ice Rage Adds Another To The Roster, Gains iCade Support, And Includes Overall Improvements

Ice Rage, Mountain Sheep's hard-hitting arcade hockey game, received a major update today. In this update, the Ice Rage roster is expanded once more, plus some gameplay improvements and iCade support.

Have Some Good Old Fashioned Hockey Fun With Ice Rage

Ever want some good old fashioned hockey fun on your iPhone or iPad? Ice Rage delivers that to you, with beautiful graphics and great sounds.

Minigore's Halloween Update Adds A New Character, Game Center Integration, And Much More

Mountain Sheep's hit dual-stick shooter, Minigore, has received a substantial update that arrives just in time for Halloween. Now you will be able to chew on some tooth-aching candy while blasting away furries with a new character, earning Game Center achievements, and much more.

Minigore: Video Preview Of Multiplayer Mode

The extremely popular shooter game, Minigore, will soon be including a local co-op multiplayer mode with the upcoming Episode 4 update. Read on to find out more, and to check out a video preview!

Review: Minigore HD

Minigore comes to the iPad as Minigore HD. Is this game just "HD" or is it a whole new game built for the iPad. Click through to find out.

Review: Minigore

John Gore's storybook world has been overran by ravenous bloodsucking...furries? One of the most hyped titles to ever enter the App Store has finally arrived. A 3D survival shooter with a unique art style. Is it worth the hype? Read on to find out.