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much ado about nothing

No Repeat For EPEAT Certification As Apple Design Evolves

Apple will no longer seek EPEAT certification on new Mac computers.

Mad At Apple For Locking The Original iPad Out Of iOS 6? Get Over It Already!

If you're an original iPad user, stop complaining about iOS 6. Seriously.

iPad-Based Jumboltron Movement Crowdsources 'Inspiration,' Makes Much Ado About Nothing

Cool kids with iPads: Making a difference or just hanging out?

What's With All The Hate For The Industrious IAP?

The value of an app is too often clouded by its in-app purchases. That's wrong.

Google's Safari Exploit Draws Privacy-Based Class Action Lawsuit

As expected, Google's been hit with a class action lawsuit in response to last week's Safari snafu.

Google Exploits Safari Bug, Tracks Browsing Without Your Consent

Another week, another privacy scandal. Google's just maintaining the status quo.

Path App Uploads User Address Books Without Permission

Is anyone still surprised when a social service uses personal information in an "unexpected" manner? Apparently so.