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Multiplayer Games

It’s time to go outside and play with GotchApp

In the mood for some real-world hide and seek? Get your friends and head outside with this fun new game.

AppAdvice Daily: Check out the best new games of the week

Get ready to go around the world and explore an ancient pyramid with the best new games of the week.

This Year Let Your Hands Join In The Holiday Fun With Fingers Party

Looking for something to keep the family occupied this Christmas Eve?

You’ll Be X-ing Your Way To The Ultimate Win With TicToe Fury

You’ve never played tic-tac-toe like this before. The classic game gets an extreme makeover.

Ring Fling Makes Multiplayer Gaming Action-Packed

Play this fun arcade game against your little brother and see how long he can avoid your fast-flinging action.

Centrifeud Gets An Update, Adds Team Mode And Hamburgers

Centrifeud just received a major update that now features Team mode, new power-ups, and hamburgers.

Centrifeud Is A Multiplayer Game That Is Fun For Everyone

Gather ‘round the table with your drunk buddies to see who has the fastest reflexes in this simple, but fun multiplayer arcade game.

Try Your Hand At Gnome Piloting In Sky Gnomes

Sky Gnomes is a multiplayer racing game that pits gnome pilots against other gnome pilots in continually changing daily races.

Gameloft's WOW-Like Order & Chaos MMORPG Rolls Out In The Store

Order & Chaos is Gameloft's take on the MMORPG genre and has just launched in Australia. The game is launching as a Universal App for $6.99 with the first three months subscription being free.

Armored Combat: Tank Warfare - Trailer Released

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming tank game Armored Combat: Tank Warfare. The new game, for both iPhone and iPad, allows players to battle each other online in teams, within a World War II setting.