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Are you pumped for iOS 9? 5 top reasons you should be

Here are five of the best reasons to look forward to iOS 9 this fall.

5 reasons to get excited about iOS 9

Our top five reasons why you should update to iOS 9 as soon as it's available.

Apple finally brings true multitasking support to the iPad in iOS 9

Only available for the iPad Air 2, Split View allows two different apps to be open and active at the same time.

Multi-user support and split-screen multitasking are reportedly in store for iPad users

Apple is also planning to revamp iOS for the larger screen of the rumored “iPad Pro.”

Check Out Apple's iPad Split-Screen Multitasking Feature In iOS 8 In This Video

To demonstrate how iPad split-screen multitasking works on iOS 8, a developer has released a video showing the iPad simulator running on split-screen mode.

Code For Spilt-Screen Multitasking Discovered In iOS 8

It is currently unknown whether the feature will appear in the final version of iOS 8, which is expected sometime this fall.

Apple's iPad Split-Screen Multitasking On iOS 8 Not Yet Ready For WWDC Unveiling

It appears that the iPad's rumored split-screen multitasking functionality won't be unveiled at next week's WWDC after all.

Apple's iOS 8 May Feature Split-Screen, Horizontal Multitasking On iPad

Apple is expected to announce iOS 8 at next month's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Auxo 2 Launches On The Cydia Store, Enhances Multitasking Under iOS 7

Good news, jailbreakers: the anticipated Auxo 2 has launched on the Cydia Store.

Cydia Tweak: ProWidgets Has Launched, Promises To Revamp Multitasking For iOS

ProWidgets has just made an appearance on the Cydia Store.

Cydia Tweak: ProWidgets Promises To Take iOS Multitasking To The Next Level

ProWidgets looks to be a game-changing jailbreak tweak for iOS devices.

AppAdvice Daily: What We Don't Hate About iOS 7

Excited for iOS 7? Watch today's show to see all the hot new features we're loving so far.

Hands-On With Apple's Jailbreak-Inspired iOS 7 App Switcher

We go hands-on with the jailbreak-inspired app switcher in iOS 7.

Multitasking Gets A Big Upgrade In iOS 7

All apps will finally be able to multitask in the next-generation of iOS.

Cydia Tweak: Slide To Remove Apps From The Multitasking Tray With Slide2Kill

Slide2Kill, a new jailbreak tweak, makes it easy to quickly remove applications from the iOS multitasking tray.

New Concept Outlines Enhanced iOS 7 App Switcher

One brand new video concept highlights an impressive, new app switcher for iOS 7.

Spice Up App Switching On Your Jailbroken iDevice

This new jailbreak tweak can add a great fast app switcher to your jailbroken iDevice.

Jailbreak Only: Aero - It's Multitasking, Reimagined

Aero - it's multitasking, reimagined.

Fact Or Myth: Killing Apps In The iOS Multitasking Bar Boosts Performance

The truth about iOS multitasking that most of us probably didn't know.

Edge-Based Input A Realistic Option To Improve iOS Multitasking?

Fan-made UI concepts go hand-in-hand with iOS development, often to such a degree that some of the fantasy actually emulates the efforts of Apple's patient and thorough system engineers. In other words, if the concept is logical and its execution kept simple (and intuitive), chances are Apple's already playing with the idea.

Exciting iOS Concept Video Reminds Us How Much Apple Could Improve Multitasking

A new concept video has recently hit the Web, which outlines an alternative multitasking interface for iOS.

Airport Mania 2 Proves As Fun As Its Predecessors

If you are great at multitasking, you will love keeping these adorable planes on task.

New Video Highlights How Improved Multitasking Could Launch In iOS 5

A new concept video has hit the Web, which outlines an interesting way Apple could improve multitasking in iOS 5.