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music making

Pepp makes it easy to create music

A new app called Pepp makes it easy to create your own music

Take Your Studio Recording Setup On The Road With MultiTrack Studio For iPad

This new iOS app offers musicians a comprehensive recording system for the iPad.

Griffin Updates StudioConnect, Adds Multi-Tracking And A New Form Factor

Griffin has announced that it's updating StudioConnect for iPad and Mac users.

Take Your Music To The Next Level With Modular Synthesizer For iOS

Music makers will be pleased to learn that Modular Synthesizer is now available in the App Store.

ChordPolyPad Offers iDevice Owners An Impressive Chords Player For MIDI Instruments

One new application offers iPad owners an impressive MIDI chords player.

Pearl Guitar Offers Music Fans A Dedicated 6-String Experience For iPad

Pearl Guitar, an impressive six-string guitar simulator for iPad, is available to download now in the App Store.

UltraPhaser Can Add iPad-Powered Phaser Effects To Your Set

UltraPhaser is a new phaser effects iPad application that musicians will love.

Keep Calm, Put Your Headphones In And Make Music With Voice Bot Vocoder

Are you looking to create retro, electro music using an iDevice? If so, consider downloading the recently released voice bot.

Mix, Scratch And Blast Your Beats On-The-Go By Winning DJ Rig For iPad

AppAdvice has once again teamed up with IK Multimedia in order to offer you a chance to win one of five promo codes for DJ Rig for iPad.

A Chance To Win Metronome Plus For iPhone And iPad

Here's your chance to win Metronome Plus ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad.

We're Giving Away 40 Copies Of Tonalverse For iPhone And iPad

We have a massive end of the work week giveaway for you thanks to Cellaflora Design.

This iPhone Application Can Actually Read Sheet Music

A Japanese musical instrument maker has apparently developed an iOS app that can read sheet music, and play it in real time.

Songify For iPhone: Effortlessly Turns Speech Into Song

You want to be a singer? Before applying to American Idol, X Factor et. al., take a look at Songify, because even if you can't sing, this iPhone app can help you out. Thanks to the app's clever technology, users simply have to speak into their iPhone and Songify will auto-tune away, and create a catchy track out of your speech. Clever, huh?