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music player

Simply swipe to start rocking with ARIIA

This lightweight music player lets you control your music with simple swipes and taps.

Make A Queued Playlist Of What's Up Next Using Quu On Your iPhone

The Up Next feature introduced in iTunes 11 is nowhere to be found in the Music app, but Quu can fix that problem.

Give Some Life Back To Your Music With Splyce

Be the life of the party with this slick little music player.

Take Rondo For A Spin For A Chance To Win A $10 iTunes Gift Card

Try Rondo for a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card!

This iPhone Application Can Actually Read Sheet Music

A Japanese musical instrument maker has apparently developed an iOS app that can read sheet music, and play it in real time.

"Robick" Helps You Learn Music By Ear, Shake Up Your Boring Parties

Robick gives music-analysis apps a spin with its record-like interface, multiple sound modes, and customizable features.

QuickAdvice: Simply Discover New Music With SimplePlayer

SimplePlayer is a free app that lets you search for music and discover new tunes. How does it stack up? Click through to find out..