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music streaming

These 6 basic features are missing from Apple Music

Maybe your story is different, but I waited for Apple Music for nearly five years.

Apple faces the music and listens to Taylor Swift

As it turns out, there won’t be any bad blood between Taylor Swift and Apple.

Apple Music’s Radio feature is showing up early

For the time being, Apple is not yet letting us have our cake and eat it too.

Apple is hiding something about its Music service rollout

Is there a difference between "Coming June 30, 2015" and "Coming Soon"?

Rithm introduces a low-cost music streaming service to rival Spotify

Rithm is hoping to disrupt the music streaming industry with its new offering.

AppAdvice International: Price Drops, Music Streaming In Britain And More

This week, we're looking at some of Apple's international price drops, music streaming in Britain, and some international app news.

Britain's Official Singles Chart Will Take Streamed Music Into Account From July

Britain's Official Singles Chart is set to take Spotify-streamed tracks into account for the first time ever.

Apple-Owned Beats Music Hasn't Given Up On Google Yet, Updates Its Android App

Beats Music might be owned by Apple, but its Android app just received a sizeable update.

Amazon Launches Prime Music For Subscribers, Updates Its Cloud Player iOS App

Amazon has just launched its own music streaming solution for Prime members.

Google Play Music For iPad To Reach The App Store Soon

Could a Google Play Music iPad application be incoming?

Soundflake Could Be The Best SoundCloud iPhone Client Out There

Soundflake for SoundCloud makes on the go SoundCloud consumption more of an enjoyable experience.

Spotify Sends Out Its Biggest Update Yet For iOS, Mac And The Web

Spotify has published a huge update for its free iOS, OS X, and Web applications.

Google Chrome Now Lets Users Drag And Drop iTunes Tracks Into Google Play Music

Google has launched an easier way for iTunes users to upload tracks into Google Play Music.

A Secret Artist Is Prepping A New Beyoncé-Like iTunes Exclusive Album

Madonna, Rihanna, and Adele are seen as possible candidates for Apple's next Beyoncé-like iTunes-exclusive album.

Apple's iTunes Radio May Soon Be The Second Most-Popular US Music Streaming Service

Apple's iTunes Radio is the third most-popular streaming service in the United States, according to recent data.

Apple Is Looking To Bring More Beyoncé-Like Album Releases To iTunes

Apple is hoping to foster digital music sales through bringing more exclusive content to the iTunes Store.

Why The New Beats Music Service Just Might Succeed

A deal with AT&T could help propel Beats Music to the top of the charts.

Spotify Mobile Free Officially Launches To Take On Apple's iTunes Radio

Spotify has officially launched its free music service for mobile devices.

Spotify Finally Gets An iOS 7-Optimizing Update: Enhances UI, Improves Performance

Spotify is finally ready to play nice with iOS 7.

Twitter #Music, We Hardly Knew Ye: Once-Popular Mobile App Could Be Killed Off

Twitter #music's days are numbered, according to a recent report.

Rdio Fights Back, Plans On Launching Free Music Service To Counter iTunes Radio

Rdio is set to take on its competitors with a new ad-supported free music streaming service.

Rdio Users Can Now Access 15 Twitter #Music-Generated Playlists

Twitter #music-powered charts have just launched in Rdio.

Microsoft Launches New Xbox Music Streaming iOS Application

Microsoft has launched a new, interesting iPhone application in the App Store.

AppAdvice Daily: We Take iRadio For A Test Drive

On today's AppAdvice Daily we are jamming out with today's iOS 7 quick pick, iRadio.