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music streaming apps

In light of Pandora deal, what happens next to your Rdio account?

What happens next to the accounts of Rdio users, particularly paying subscribers?

Apple set to play Beats Music out on Nov. 30

Beats Music is officially shutting down at the end of the month.

Spotify now recommends concerts you might want to go to

Spotify is launching yet another new feature in its iOS app in the form of a personalized list of concert recommendations.

SoundCloud app now lets you shuffle and play related tracks

Amid all the excitement surrounding the launch of Apple Music, SoundCloud has released a major update to its official app on iOS.

Pandora Radio for iOS updated with support for Apple Watch

Pandora Radio has just updated its official iOS app with support for the Apple Watch.

SoundCloud wants you to listen up on iPad as well as on iPhone

SoundCloud has just updated its official iOS app to bring the app’s iPad edition on par with the iPhone edition.

Sony to shut down Music Unlimited in favor of Spotify-powered PlayStation Music

Sony is shutting down Music Unlimited. But this doesn’t mean that the company is leaving the music streaming space.

Spotify makes discovering music quicker and easier with new Touch Preview feature

Spotify has just introduced a neat new feature to its iOS app that makes previewing music so much quicker and easier.

Ahead of rumored Beats Music relaunch, Apple acquires music analytics startup Semetric

With Musicmetric, Apple could provide its partner labels and artists on Beats Music with its own tool for tracking user engagement data.

Don't have CarPlay for audio? Check out the new version of iHeartRadio for Auto

The newly updated iHeartRadio for Auto has new features for users to enjoy even if they don’t have CarPlay-enabled vehicles.

AllCast lets you cast content from your iOS device to Apple TV, Chromecast and more

As touted in its promo video, AllCast is “as simple as pie.”

You can now subscribe to Rhapsody right from the SoundTracking app

The Instagram-like music-sharing app SoundTracking has just been updated with another form of integration with Rhapsody.

Spotify welcomes 2015 with 15 million paying subscribers

Spotify is welcoming the new year with a bit of good news.

Google further takes on Apple's AirPlay with Google Cast for audio

Google Cast for audio lets you tap the cast button in a compatible app to stream audio content onto a “Google Cast Ready” speaker.

Beats cofounder Jimmy Iovine reportedly wooing artists for iTunes-exclusive albums

Beats cofounder and Apple employee Jimmy Iovine is “having fresh talks with artists about doing exclusives.”

Rdio for iOS updated with new search, playback and social features

Rdio has just released an update to its official music streaming app on iOS, thereby introducing new search, playback, and social features.

Bose set to take on Apple's Beats and iTunes Radio with new music streaming service

Bose is apparently planning to take its rivalry with Apple's Beats beyond audio equipment and into music streaming.

SoundCloud now lets you create and add to your playlists on iOS

The official iOS app of the popular online audio distribution platform SoundCloud has just received a significant update.

Spotify for iOS updated with iPhone 6 support and new Top Tracks in Your Network playlist

The popular music streaming service Spotify has just updated its official iOS app with a couple of notable enhancements.

Shazam update features built-in music player, Spotify integration and more

Shazam 8.2 is here, and it announces itself as being a huge update that’s “all about the music.”

Grooveshark to launch 'first compliant app' for its Broadcasts service next month

Now, Grooveshark is set to resurface on the App Store next month with a new app that’s copyright compliant.

Pandora announces major refresh of its iOS app with focus on personalization

The update treats users to “a fresh, evolved design that brings station personalization to the forefront of the listener experience.”

Fresh off Deezer acquisition, Stitcher podcast app gains support for Apple's CarPlay

Stitcher has just updated its official iOS app with support for CarPlay.